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Registration For Student Visa

Thank you for your interest in studying in Switzerland!
For helpful general information about the studies in Switzerland please
visit the"educational" link on contact Swiss Education Expert.

You must apply a student visa in order to be allowed to study in Switzerland. The procedure can take up to 3 month, therefore you should initiate it early. The following procedure will have to be followed in order to obtain such a visa: To process a visa application , the following document in English, French, German or Italian arerequired :
  1. Application

    • Students applying for a student visa to Switzerland must be appeared personallyto the Embassy/Consulate. The following documents should be sendalong are :

    • Three (3)copies forms "Application for authorization to enter Switzerland" duly filled in either by typewriter or with a blue or black ballpoint pen, in English, French or Italian, date and signed by the student and both parents can be download from ( or fill out directly at Embassy/Consulate.
    • Four (4) recent passport-size picture 3,5cmx 4,5cm (color or black/withe)
    • Three (3) photocopies of the personal data pages and all visasin the passport
    • Three (3) copies of confirmation letter of acceptance by the chosen school and 3 copies of school fees confirmation of payments
    • One (1) copy of the last three months bank statement and proof of sufficient funds
    • Three (3) copies Senior High School certificates/diplomas (certified by a notary public and translated into English)
    • Three (3)copies CV(curriculum vitae), signed by the student
    • Three (3)copies of Motivation letter regarding plans for the future, e.g. professional developments intended by the student after
    • having finished thestudies in Switzerland, explanation as to how the student think his/her future is going to benefit fromthesestudies. The motivation letter must be signed by student.
    • One (1) Letter of declaration statement stating that student will leave Switzerland after completing his or her studies. The letter should include also: student's complete address, including postal code, email address and phone number, where documents are returned to, or where the applicant can be reached for future information. The enclosed declaration, is signed personally by the student
    • Three (3) copies of Proof of language proficiency (English): A valid TOEFL/IELTS/OOPT test result required.
    • Please be aware that the Embassy/Consulate General may charge a fee for a language interview in French, German or Italian.

    • The Embassy/Consulate General can request additional documents if necessary. please note that only student with knowledge of a foreign language (English, German, French or Italian) can submit an application.

  2. Issuance of visa

    • The complete file of an applicant will be forwarded to Switzerland for decision. During this procedure theapplicant alone can obtain informations concernig the state oh his/her application. Once theEmbassy/Consulate General has received the outhorization from Switzerland, the applicantwill beinformed. But please be aware that the decision from the competent Swiss authority is definite.
      Student will be invited for interview appointment and should bring along all the original documents that the copies have been sent along with the application forms. If the decision from the authorities in Switzerland is positive, the applicant must submit the following documents for getting the visa :

    • valid passport (if it is not given yet together with the application of visa)
    • confirmation by relevant bank statements from the school Switzerland directly fax to the Embassy ofSwitzerland that the total school fee (at least the first school year) has been paid The visa can be collected either in person at the Embessy/Consulate General or by mail.

  3. Frequently ask questions :

    • Why does the procedure take so long? The Swiss Foreigner's Office is the only competent authorityto issue a student authorization. Each file will be reviewed in Switzerland. As most demands aresubmitted during peak periods, a backlog can delay the applications.
    • Can any agent,,guarantee'' a Swiss student visa? No, agent cannot guarantee a visa! The authorization is issued by the Swiss Foreigner's Office only on the merits of each individual application.
    • How much does the procedure cost? The procedure fee and its service package is Rp.2,000.000,-
    • The Agent assisting on Visa application will charge based on the expense of Visa Fee application and service charge by agent including. (if there is any additional charge from the Embassy that is based on their policy, agent will inform immediately)
    • Can I work in Switzerland during or after my studies ? No! A work permit is needed in order to work in Switzerland. Such a permit cannot be obtained while attending schools.
    • For hotel management school programs lasting 2-4 year, a student will generally receive up to six months practical training per year in hotel or restaurant. This is considered to be part of his/her studiesand does therefore not constitute a working opportunity.
    • What kind of permit will I get in Switzerland ? The local foreigner's office will generally
    • Issue a multiple-entry permit for you. It does not authorise you to work. The school's administrations office willhelp you with this procedure.
    • Can an agent confirm the payment of the school fees ? No! the payment of the total school Fees has to be confirmed by the school in Switzerland.
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