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CAAS ( Culinary Arts Academy)

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers complete training, from the basics of traditional cuisine with international fine dining method. With teamwork and creativity. During the first year of study students, students will develop an appreciation of European culinary philosophies, skills and modern trends, and insights to enhance the gourmet world. After completion of paid internship in Switzerland or around the world, students will build skills and knowledge through practice and coursework. The end goal is to combine all that has been learned when students want to develop their own culinary business plan, perfect culinary recipes and creative support career success.

Through the School of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
Experience On-the-job paid internship that can be taken in some of the best restaurants Michelin star and five-star four in Switzerland. Small class sizes ensure that students will have the personal attention of experienced international chef instructors allow students to apply what they have learned. Students have tremendous possibilities in the Ritz Paris, attending a culinary training course in Paris. This session will be hosted by leading chefs from Ecole Ritz Escoffier and is designed to expand students' culinary skills and knowledge. The chef from the Ritz Escoffier also visited the campus as a guest lecturer as part of a collaboration between the school and the Ritz Paris.

The mission of the School of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
Develop students' passion in food and love of art of culinary cooking skills through practice and dedication, in an environment that reflects the reality of today's culinary industry trends. Upon graduation the student will automatically become a member of the alumni network Swiss Education Group with over 12,000 graduates from 80 different countries.

BachelorArts Academy School Culnary
School Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland combines the desired skills and competencies of the 21st century kitchen with the latest management methods, combine this with an internship in Switzerland it is the perfect recipe for a successful culinary career and creative. Select the duration of the study in accordance with the needs of students, consider Swiss Higher Diploma if you want to acquire a solid knowledge and skills. For candidates legs, managers and entrepreneurs. The sooner will help fast-track graduate student's career choice.

Certificate within 3 years among other
  1. After year 1 Swiss advanced certificate in culinary arts and higher education certificate.
  2. After year 2 Swiss Higher Diploma studies and Fondation culinary degree culinary arts.
  3. After the third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in culinary arts.
Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts
For graduates who want to discover the culinary world and trends in the international environment, a Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts, gives students a deep understanding of gastronomy and the culinary arts. With a full-time program is designed to inspire creativity and offer a tool to organize new culinary trends. Interesting practical and theoretical courses teach techniques including rules of hygiene kitchen, modern methods and techniques of control blades and provide the foundation and knowledge to continue the Master's degree program, after completion of internship of six months. With certificate Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Master of International Business Management Culinary
Provides graduates with a deep understanding of cooking skills of the culinary arts , Master of International Business built on knowledge, skills and creativity that students demonstrate innovative ideas in setting up and developing a business plan culinary students themselves. After 2 years of students earn a degree / postgraduate diploma certificate in culinary arts , in the next two years to get a degree / certificate in Culinary Master of International Business Management.

Accreditation and Affiliations Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
  1. All Degree and Diploma accredited by the Government of the State of Valais
  2. ASEH , Swiss Hotel School Associate
  3. EduQua , agencies that certify the quality of the educational institution
  4. TedQual, certification from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
  5. Washington State University (USA)
  6. Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) for all courses Postgraduate and Masters, and also programCulinary Arts
  7. Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS)
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