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09 May 2017

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Alps and Lake Geneva

Switzerland is basically composed of three topographical areas : the Swiss Alps , the Swiss plateau or " middleland " , and Juran's in the mountains along the northwestern border of France. Alps are a high mountain area located across the south - central region of the country. Among the high peaks of the Alps is a mountain, the highest mountain Dufourspitze is 4.634 meters tall, found countless valleys with numerous waterfalls and glaciers. From this source of Europe 's major rivers such as Sugat Rhine, Rhone, Inn, Aare, and Ticino flow finally into the largest Swiss lakes such as Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Constance.

Swiss climate is generally warm , but can be very different in a few places, from the icy conditions on the summit of the mountain to the Mediterranean climate is cool and pleasant in Southern Switzerland. Summer tends to be warm and sometimes humid with rain at times so be very ideal for pasture. Winter in the mountains tinged with sun and snow, while the lower lands tend to be cloudy and foggy in the winter.
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